We have been little bakers today

Today we went back in time to the year1666. We pretended that we were bakers from the bakery in Pudding Lane all those many years ago. This means that we had to spend our time this morning baking bread from scratch. Today we received a letter from King Charles II, he wants to teach himself how to bake his own bread rather than asking Thomas to bake it for him, so this week we are going to write him some instructions that he can follow now we know how to make bread. Look at us working hard measuring ingredients and mixing and kneading the dough. After the bread was cooked we ate some, it tasted scrumptious! Look out for our instructions coming soon, then you might want to have a go yourself.

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2 Responses to We have been little bakers today

  1. Oliver weaver says:

    The bread was lovely and yummy! I liked making the bread, my favourite part was when we put our hands in and mixed it.

  2. LIAM SKINNER and chanel skinner says:

    I liked everyone on there and I saw that you kneeded the dough!i loved making bred my favrut part was when we butterd the bred and eated them!

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