Today we launched our balloons









IMG_5935For our innovate challenge we have been getting ready to launch our balloons, on a windy day, with our messages inside. We hope that whoever finds our balloon will reply back to us. On our messages we asked the question ‘where did my balloon land?’ We also included the schools contact details on our message so the finder knows where to reply back to.
Some balloons got stuck in a few trees for a while but luckily the wind was out and helped to blow them away.

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8 Responses to Today we launched our balloons

  1. misswildey says:

    That’s OK Evie I’m glad you enjoyed it! I will miss you too Alex, I’ll miss all of you!
    I’m wondering that as well Rowan, I hope somebody writes back to you. You will have to put a post on the blog to let me know if anyone has or not.
    Love Miss Wildey x

  2. Rowan Bell says:

    I liked letting go of the balloons, it was fun.
    I wonder how far they have gone?!

  3. Evie says:

    I loved letting go of my balloon. It was very fun. Thank you Miss Wildey.

  4. jeyden says:

    My balloon was trying to get a head start and it was yellow

  5. Alexander Gapper says:

    I am sad you had to leev miss Wildey. You are the best teacher in the world. I will miss you lots

  6. jeyden says:

    I liked it when we launched our balloon`s it was really fun.

  7. jerome says:

    and it was really fun

  8. jerome says:

    I was exixsited

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